Maiami is a young knitwear label based in Berlin. The collection consists of handknitted sweaters, cardigans and accessories with a modern and special impression, achieved through the use of colour, the placement of motifs and the combination of knit with other materials.

The Maiami sweater, made of thick, warm and soft pure wool, is sexy, cheeky and sometimes a bit evil. Especially through the chosen themes : images inspired by global „symbols“ that are generally known through media of the modern pop and massculture ( souvenirs, tv series, posterbooklets and packaging ). As a chunky knit motif they develop their own dynamic expression, often with a certain irony.

In a time of virtuality, artificialness and high tech, the special aesthetic of these traditionally handcrafted knits mixed with modern components, provokes a return to natural, handmade products with a soft feel. The high scale motifs with each stitch standing for one pixel.

The way Maiami combines the traditional handcraft with modernity and the spirit of the time, what makes the Maiami sweater extraordinary, attractive and fashionable, a must for winter seasons, but also for cool spring and summer nights.

Maiami sweater are unique, handmade objects. The collection contains a basic selection of motifs that can vary each season. Since there are (almost) no limits for translating images into knitted motifs suggestions/personal requests are greatly appreciated. Maiami sweaters are unisex and available in size XS S, M, L, XL.

Maiami continues to interlink nature and urbanism through its hand knitted pieces made of natural product – something which is also transported by the visuals of the catalogues. Warm, soft, hand knitted pieces presented on urban backgrounds of subtly familiar Berlin locations. At the same time this style also allows Maiami knitwear to be worn on ski slopes (a common thing in the 50s), on a walk through the forest, or underneath Frisian mink on a stroll along the beach.

The collection is targeted for individuals with a sense for beautiful objects. Experiencing a certain life style is important to them, and they are ready to spend money for the object of their desire. The Maiami clientele is usually urban, with a certain interest for fashion. It may frequent designer stores or may just discover a Maiami piece as a timeless favourite without regard for the predominant fashion style – or both.

Since fall/winter 2008/09 exists the Maiami Home/Interieur Line, which is always presented for winter seasons and in a collaboration with Oona Gallery in Berlin as “The Knitted Shop”.

Fall/winter 2010/11 was the first season, Maiami presents the Maiami basic line seperately.