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Ade Velkon is a Berlin based fashion label founded by two young designers in the year 2013. With Californian and Austrian roots both bring in a diverse background of tradition, handcraft, design experience and aesthetic vision. The label focuses on women’s clothing with a slight hint to androgyny. DESIGNER Californian designer Molly McDonnell studied fashion design at FIDM in San Francisco. After a 2 year intensive program she finished with a degree in associate of art. She acquired professional skills as a tailor and more and more defined her signature as a designer in those years. A few month later she left the states and moved to Berlin to work for a designer and later for a production company. The last 4 years she worked as a freelance in house tailor for a local Berlin street wear label. Kathrin Kaiser graduated from University of Applied Arts in Vienna with a degree in multimedia art. She worked 2 years as graphic designer and head of communications for an international accessories label in Berlin. She started working for a creative agency collective over a year ago. The Berlin based group is developing concepts for individuals and companies all over the world. Kathrin focuses mainly on the art direction and management of the brand. DESIGN & PRODUCTION The approach is a design with easy cuts and a deliberate use of details. Its a day to evening clothing collection for woman who are en route a lot. The result is an modern and easy design with a long lasting wearability. The fabrics are thoughtfully selected from different local and european traders. Ade Velkon is very careful when it comes to patterns or other transient fads. This concept shows also an sustainable effect. The waste is very little and the restriction lowers the quantity which makes each piece almost unique. The fabrics are high quality and all within from Europe. At the moment each style is produced about 10 times. Ade Velkon is sustainable through their design and an efficient production.

Monday to Sunday | open daily 11 – 9
27.6. – 3.7. 2016 | Gormannstrasse 23 | Berlin Mitte